Employment at arthur murray Dance Centers

Does your cubicle smother your creative genius?

Is your daily grind not the career you’d hoped for?

If you are trapped in a dead-end job and yearning for something more fulfilling, we’ve got the perfect job for you! We spend our days enriching the lives of others, teaching and inspiring, and making dreams come true!

Arthur Murray International, Inc. is the largest and most prominent dance organization in the world. With over 200 studios worldwide and a legacy that spans over 100 years, Arthur Murray is one of the oldest franchised companies in the world. Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Pittsburgh believe that dance has the power to change people’s lives. As a high-end, luxury brand, the studios believe in hard work and dedication, and promote the highest spirit of excellence; all with a little bit of fun.

The Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance provide ongoing training, certification and promotion opportunities for their employees. There are teaching, supervisory, executive and management opportunities, clerical and office administration, as well as the opportunity to become a franchisee with Arthur Murray® International, Inc.

If you are interested in employment with the Arthur Murray® Dance Centers, please contact the dance studio nearest you to fill out an application. Please dress business casual and bring a current resume. No previous dance experience is necessary. Qualified candidates will be placed in training classes for the studios in need of staffing.

Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 10 pm.